FAQ’s with Larry Vickers


FAQ’s with Larry Vickers

1. What pistol do you typically use in your classes?

I like to use whatever is the most common pistol in that particular class. Sometimes that is hard to figure out in advance but it most often means I am using a Glock – what I call the universal service pistol. I am a big fan of both the G17 and G19 in 9mm and that is what I use. At times I will use a 1911 if requested to do so or if it is a 1911 operator class. However I do at times get bored and want to shoot something different so I will bring a pistol like the HK P30. I feel the instructor should be shooting a handgun the students can relate to with only custom modifications that make sense, not a tricked out race gun that no one would carry into harms way. I’ve seen that movie from some IPSC shooting instructors years ago and it was unprofessional then, and still is.

2. What is your ideal carbine setup?

For a carbine recently I have been using a Bravo Company with their new prototype rail with a Vltor IMOD buttstock, DD fixed rear sight, Aimpoint Micro using the DD mount, and a Surefire X300 mounted at the 12 oclock position in front of the fixed front sight. For a sling I use my signature model VCAS Blue Force Gear sling in the padded format. I use the DD stubby vertical grip and leverage it to activate the X300 with my support hand thumb. This setup works great firing from the left or right shoulder.

3. What holster should I bring to your class?

A holster for my classes is actually pretty simple – either a simple belt holster from a company like Raven or Comptac or a Safariland 6004 for a leg drop holster. It needs to be safe and retain your pistol adequately. As your skill and proficiency with your handgun develops so will your ability to select holsters that will suit your needs. It is a natural process that has been repeated countless times in the past and is exactly how I learned.

4. What critical places does an AR need lube to keep running?

The number one thing about keeping the AR lubed is the bolt carrier group. If you take it out of the rifle, lube it all over and hit the charging handle and trigger mechanism at the same time you will be good to go. Remember in an AR it is all about keeping the gun wet – If you run it dry it will eventually choke.

5. Are you going to write a book?

I have no immediate plans of writing a book but I would never rule it out either.

6. How do I know if a 1911 is the right choice for me?

That is a tough question as I feel most people are best served NOT using a 1911 as a primary sidearm. Two criteria come to mind a) A passion for the 1911 platform and b) you are willing to be your own armorer and can fix relatively minor problems or fit certain parts yourself. If you are the kind of guy that doesn’t mind tinkering with your Harley Davidson motorcycle to keep it running then you are a candidate. If however you treat your pistols like we all treat our lawnmowers then don’t get a 1911 – use a Glock. If you want a very nice 1911 that runs out of the box, get a Wilson Combat.

7. What exactly does Speed is Fine, Accuracy is Final mean?

This saying or variations of it is very old and attributable to famous gunfighters such as Wyatt Earp. The basic concept is a shooter can become faster with practice but being accurate takes work and skill – and accurate shots on target are the only thing guaranteed to end the fight in your favor. Make no mistake speed is important but not at the expense of a reasonable degree of accuracy. Remember the old adage of you can’t miss fast enough to win – my motto is simply another way of saying that.

8. Do you still sell custom 1911′s?

I occasionally have pistols I built available for sale after my gunsmithing classes or 1911′s I built years ago that the owners want to sell. The best bet is to contact me via my website to be placed on a list for the next available pistol. Being placed on the list however does not mean you will get a gun just that your name is in the hat. And be forewarned they are not cheap – prices start at $5000 for even a fairly basic gun.

9. Which is your favorite VCAS sling?

My personal favorite VCAS is the padded version with the plastic slider – so called AA model. I normally use black but I have used all the colors at one time or another. I am extremely proud to have my name on this Blue Force Gear product as the design and quality of execution is superb – first class all the way.