Larry’s Links

Larry Vickers’ Favorite Links

Blue Force Gear – Makers of very well designed and fabricated tactical slings for an amazingly wide variety of weapons. First class products.

Tango Down – Tango Down makes high quality tactical carbine accessories. They specialize in well made and well designed plastic products many of which are the best in their class.

Bravo Company USA – An excellent source for AR rifle parts and accessories with top notch customer service.

Wilson Combat – I’ve been using Wilson Combat 1911s and magazines for years with outstanding results. Even though I get asked to build 1911s for people all the time, I just don’t have time anymore. Without hesitation, I recommend Wilson Combat to everyone that asks.

Geissele Automatics – Geisselle triggers are the number one brand of AR enhanced triggers that US SOF trusts the most. Very simply the gold standard by which all other triggers are compared too.

Fireclean – The first firearms lubricant I have officially endorsed – unlike most gun lubricants it meets or exceeds its claims. Truly a 21st Century lubricant in every way.

Raven Concealment – Makers of my first choice of high quality kydex holsters and gear. Raven Concealment has been a trend setter in the kydex holster industry and have been copied by many others, but continue to be leaders in their field. They get my full recommendation.

CCW Safe - Everyone with a concealed carry permit should get this service and I am thrilled to have the ability to empower people to withstand the second fight that comes after a shooting incident. CCW Safe and Vickers Tactical just made perfect sense for us.

Red State Tactical – Red State Tactical is the online store I recommend for all of my students when they need gear for my classes. They’re growing and adding more products each week- highly recommended.

Alias Training – Alias is a new company on the scene and has begun setting up some classes for me and have been fantastic to work with so far.

ASE UTRA – Top shelf Finnish suppressor company. Excellent quality and fit and finish.

Aimpoint – My first choice in red dot reflex sights. I currently use and recommend the CompM4 and the Micro T-1. – A great Internet resource for up to date information about tactical gear.

Centurion Arms – Monty Leclair is Navy SEAL who is a close personal friend of mine. Not only is he the most weapons savvy SEAL I have ever met he has some first class products in his line. My personal Mk12 SPR was built by Centurion Arms. He gets my highest recommendation.

NRA – I am a benefactor life member of the NRA and I strongly urge everyone to join the NRA and join the fight to preserve our precious 2nd Amendment rights.

Special Operations Warrior Foundation – Click on the link and find out what makes this organization so special. Truly great Americans going above and beyond the call of duty for the children of our fallen special operations warriors.

Schmidt & Bender – Website for Schmidt & Bender scopes. In my opinion the finest rifle scopes that money can buy; my highest possible recommendation.

James Dietz – Jim Dietz is a friend of mine that I have worked with in the past on some special paintings and print projects. He is very simply the best contemporary military ground combat artist in the world today. An icon in the military art world.

Metal & Wood – The website for custom gunmaker Stephen Heilmann. Stephen has built 3 rifles for me and in my opinion he is the single best custom gunmaker in the world today. He is equally skilled at both metal and wood and his work is simply beyond belief. My highest possible recommendation.

Black Hills Ammunition – Makers of excellent quality ammunition. A small company with a very large reputation. Suppliers of 5.56 mm MK262 ammunition in use by US Special Operation Forces worldwide.

Nicolas Trudgian – World famous military aviation artist. Absolutely stunning attention to detail and overall quality of presentation. I am fortunate enough to own a Trudgian original.

Mile High Shooting and Accessories – One stop shopping for ultra high end long range rifles and premium accessories. The number one Accuracy International distributor in the World. Highly recommended.

Spuhr – Top of the line scope mounts. Excellent quality with superb fit and finish and top notch materials. Products with very innovative design features.

Retro Arms Works - John Thomas has specialized in recreating historically significant military small arms, in particular the AR-15 family. One look at his website tells you his work is without peer. Highly recommended.