VST Series Randall Knife Project

Back in Feb of 2010 I was teaching a 1911 gunsmith class near Omaha, Nebraska hosted by Rob Schoening of Loess Hills Gun and Knife when my interest in Randall knives was rekindled. Rob is former military and is now a full-time firefighter but also runs LHGK as a side business selling knives – mainly Randalls. He has a reputation for reasonable prices and great customer service and has become a Randall Knife Collector. He naturally was interested in my experience with Randall knives while I served in Special Operations and asked me to bring a few with me so he could snap a few pics for the Randall Collector newsletter.

During our extended conversations while working on 1911′s, we discussed what I liked about Randalls and what I would change given the opportunity. After talking things over in depth Rob and I decided to offer a limited run of Randall fighting knives setup in a format that I think makes a lot of sense in a serious using knife – here goes;

All knives in the series will be variants of the classic Randall military knives such as the model #14, # 15 and #18.

Carbon steel knives will have a parkerized finish for a non reflective finish that provides good corrosion resistance (this is my preference in Randall blade material as I have found it holds an edge better than stainless).

For users who prefer stainless, the knives will feature a bead blast finish which helps reduce glare

Handle materials will vary but will always be suitable for a serious use knife – of course the model #18 will feature the hollow handle that model is famous for.

The sheath supplied will have brass reinforcing rivets as my experience has shown that prolonged damp conditions can cause the leather sheath to become very waterlogged (even when wax treated) and the chance of the blade coming thru the leather is increased dramatically – the rivets will help prevent this but always remember that the sheath is designed to be a wear item that is expendable and should be replaced – it takes punishment so your knife doesn’t.

Hardware to attach the sheath to Molle webbing is also available.

The knives and sheaths will have special markings to denote the special nature of this series of Randall knives.

Each knife will come with a letter of authenticity.

We understand that many collectors will buy these but Rob and I plan on pricing them where a member of our military could afford to use one for the role it was designed for – an excellent all purpose fixed blade knife.

Make no mistake that Randall does and will continue to make outstanding knives that have proven themselves countless times in the past – the Randalls I used in service never failed me – this series just reflects the enhancements that myself and Rob find useful and beneficial on an already excellent knife.

This series is available only from Loess Hills Gun and Knife – please contact LHGK for pricing and availability.