Vickers Custom 1911 Pistols

1911 Pistolsmithing Accomplishments

When I decided to pursue 1911 pistolsmithing as a hobby I was fortunate that my good friends Ken Hackathorn and John Miller took me under their wings and showed me what made a 1911 tick. In addition, Steve Nastoff gave me input and Dick Heinie really stepped up and helped me out, eventually sponsoring my membership into the American Pistolsmiths Guild. Once again let me publicly thank these individuals for their help.

I was also fortunate to be in a Unit where more .45 ACP ammo is shot out of 1911 style pistols than any other place in the world; the ultimate test bed. I learned alot in the 15 years I was at 1st SFOD-Delta about what it takes to make a 1911 work reliably and how to keep it running. I also want to thank the individuals who work in the arms room at the Unit; they will remain nameless but I learned alot from them on making a 1911 run.

  • Former Member American Pistolsmiths Guild
  • Named “Most Sought after 1911 Pistolsmith” by American Handgunner magazine
  • Key player in refining the Unit 1911 service pistols and developing better end user training and maintenance techniques
  • Key player in influencing several 1911 vendors for better designed components; Vendors I have had input with include but are not limited to Caspian Arms, Springfield Inc., and Wilson Combat.
  • I have built pistols for many of the key people in the 1911 business including Bill Wilson, Chip McCormick, Ken Hackathorn, Rob Leatham, and Dick Heinie.

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